The Direct Donation

The Direct Donation is a platform that delivers every penny of donation directly to the beneficiaries.

It focuses on the core of donation, so that anyone who wants to send their donation entirely to the less-privileged can trust and donate.

The Direct Donation business model

The Direct Donation is a donation platform that can be trusted and used by those who wish to send 100% of their donations to the beneficiaries. It focuses on the core function of donation, and sends the necessary items to the children at local children's centers. It utilizes the open market delivery system to maximize the transparency of donations.

The Direct Donation features donation, not in cash, but for the each shopping carts which contains the items chosen by the children themselves at local children’s centers. Donors are informed of the donation process in detail such as receipts, delivery history, and donation reviews, by Direct Donation KakaoTalk notifications. All additional expenses other than the purchase of donated goods - payment fees, shipping costs, price increase, as well as operation expenses - are covered by the Happiness Foundation.